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Why You Should Hire a Patient Advocate

If you've been feeling overwhelmed by your declining health, or like you can't get the answers you need from your doctors - it might be time to hire a patient advocate. Patient advocates are professionals who work for you, and their sole purpose is to make sure that you are getting the care that you want. A patient advocate can help you to understand everything that's happening with your care and ensure that all your questions are answered. They can help to protect you from medical errors, navigate the insurance system, and keep your family updated on your condition. If you're feeling lost and don't know where to start, hiring a patient advocate is a great way to regain control of your situation.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a private patient advocate:

1. A private patient advocate works for you, not your insurance company or doctor. While many hospitals and insurance companies offer “patient advocates” they are employees of those organizations. When you hire an independent patient advocate, they don’t have a responsibility to anyone but you. You can rest assured that a conflict of interest isn’t motivating the education and advice they give.

2. Connect you with the right healthcare provider. A private patient advocate can gather information from all over to find you the right primary care provider, specialist, or alternative therapy practitioner. They aren’t bound by the limits of the health system they work inside of and can find the right provider for you - no matter where they practice.

3. Support you in deciding your goals for treatment, and what matters to you. Often, patients feel like the doctor dictates the treatment plan and they don’t have any other option. A private patient advocate can work with you to determine what’s truly important to you, and then help communicate this to your provider - allowing for a treatment plan that will get you the results you want.

4. Help you get more information about treatments or medications. The current system of healthcare limits how much time your providers can spend with you, meaning you could be leaving your appointments with more questions than when you went in. A private patient advocate will ensure all your questions are answered and can even attend your appointments with you. You can be confident that you have accurate information about your health condition - and won’t be left to fend for yourself on Google.

5. Navigate the healthcare system and insurance red tape. Whether it’s sitting on hold for thirty minutes, being denied treatment because insurance “doesn’t cover it” or losing valuable time on your treatment journey because something slipped through the cracks - the healthcare system has enough roadblocks in it. Your patient advocate can help you through these. They can make certain you are getting care in the most efficient way possible - even making calls on your behalf so you can gain back your time.

Here at Integrative Care Services your care is our number one priority. Our RN Care Managers have spent years advocating for patients both in and out of the hospital. We know the healthcare system here in Gainesville, Florida because we have worked inside of it - and now we want to help you navigate it.

Just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you get started! We can talk through your questions and concerns and provide you with a free consultation!

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