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Director of Nursing, RN Care Manager

Over my 10 years as a Registered Nurse, I realized that the “patient-centered” models many health systems claim don’t allow for individuals to make the choices that best suit their lives. The medical world knows best and dictates information rather than working with people to find a comfortable way to meet their goals. That combined with the need for insurance approvals every step of the way led me to feel burned out in large hospital systems – where it seems like nobody feels healthier, they are just living longer. When the opportunity arose to work independently as a personal nurse for a single client I jumped at the chance. The ability to influence the outcomes of my first client and motivate them toward healing in very individualized and personal ways inspired me to start Integrative Care Services. I was amazed to see what a nurse could do when they’re given the space to truly advocate for the patient and aren’t limited by the policies and procedures of hospitals and insurance companies. I take a holistic approach to care management – whether your goal is to be there to see your grandchildren graduate, or simply play a few more good rounds of golf – I’ll help you do it.


RN Care Manager

Born and raised in the greater Gainesville area I was eager to start improving my community one patient at a time after graduating nursing school at Santa Fe. I quickly discovered that nursing was task-based and became overwhelmed by how little control I had in helping my patients improve their health. I found the truly personal moments to be the most rewarding – like taking someone outside of the hospital walls for the first time in weeks to get some sun and fresh air. From the hospital I moved into school nursing, where I saw how impactful nursing within the community could be. When Anna asked me to join Integrative Care Services, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. The opportunity to help clients get to a place where they can enjoy life free of the burdens of the healthcare system drives me.



Office Manager

My decade-long career in hospital administration exposed me to a part of healthcare that is seldom addressed, experienced only by the customer. The system we navigate to get better doesn’t seem concerned with how we are greeted when we enter an office; our worried demeanor begs for more than the scripted greeting by reception. As difficult as some of these realities are to acknowledge, I am thankful for how they helped to show me that healthcare can incorporate the individual needs of a person while receiving the medical care they need. Someone once told me that being a “patient” can be a trip sometimes. They go through the most intimate moments of their life; that even their closest friends and family aren’t a part of. Instead, they experience these moments with complete strangers. That’s what drives me to make every interaction with a client a present and meaningful one. I strive to bring comfort and ease into every moment because that is what we all need. My team works judiciously to ensure that everyone in our care is never made to feel anything other than what they are, a person. And it brings me joy to get to be here for you every step of the way.

Our Staff: Meet the Team
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