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Medical Consultation
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At Integrative Care Services, we provide a collaborative client-focused approach to care management. To start, one of our RN Care Managers will provide an in-person health and wellness evaluation to establish your current status and personal goals. We provide ongoing oversight and custom support as you navigate aging and the related health challenges. Whether you need an expert nurse to help you handle the uncertainty of a new diagnosis, or you have a loved one with complex care needs - we can help.


Medication compliance is crucial in managing the progression of chronic diseases. According to the CDC (2017) “approximately 50% of new prescriptions are taken incorrectly." Medication management is not just filling a pill box – it’s listening to your concerns, answering questions, and collaborating with you and your providers to determine the best plan of care. Let our expert nurses help you gain a better understanding of your medication list in order to improve your health.

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